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Beauty Retail



As the number of cosmetic skin care brands is rapidly increasing these days, Azarine needs to stay relevant in the competition and use different strategy to answer the ever-changing demand in the industry.

Our goal was to create an identity revolution. Turning Azarine’s previous image & style through revamped logo, product packaging designs, corporate identity and marketing tools.



Beauty Reimagined

When it comes to revamping Azarine design, we also assigned new key message and the overall goals. The change in the design was meant for Azarine to revive its image and standards in customer perspectives.

On the business perspective, business model readjustment was also important to set new focus for further development. The previous business model focus was B2B, but currently Azarine goes the extra mile in building engagement and communicating with the end-users in order to support its B2B channels.

Beauty Reimagined
Body Bath
Body Scrub
Essence Oil


Identity Revolution

After undergoing an identity revolution, Azarine finally held its very first beauty gathering in November 2016 with a number of A-list beauty bloggers in town to promote home spa products and beauty tips which resulted in a quite massive media coverage.


Following the warm welcome, Azarine earned significant recommendations among beauty bloggers for its natural head-to-toe home spa products. Following the sky-rocketing awareness from the customers, Azarine's satisfied B2B channels expand along with the offer to sell & supply its products in Guardian and Boston Pharmacy Jakarta.

Identity Revolution

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