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As one of the most well-known brands of bottled water in Indonesia, Cleo needed to rise up as a national champion. The problem is, it had never done integrated marketing communication. Thus, a natural shift towards more marketing-driven vision with stronger message and directional campaign was required to further establish the brand.

"As someone with a very tight schedule, drinking water has been something that I might overlook sometimes. I believe it's important when it comes to choosing the right drinking water for daily intake. You see, drinking pure water will allow us to stay healthy and fit anytime. That's why, becoming the ambassador for Cleo Pure Water has been a pleasure for me to help its captivating campaign for many of diverse generations in the country."

Daniel Mananta - Indonesian TV personality, VJ and actor.



From Local Champion to National Champion

In order to differ Cleo from the rest of the pack, we assigned it as a pure water brand rather than just a mineral water. The idea is presented through emotional engagement instead of functional language.The exercise includes powerful brand activation - an interactive execution to build a strong new perception as a smart lifestyle brand. Thus, a catchy campaign line "Saatnya Jadi Pintar!" (It's Time to Get Smart!) was born.


On the other hand, choosing a relevant public figure to help building Cleo's new image is also an important aspect. We chose Daniel Mananta (a TV personality, actor, and entrepreneur) as the face of the brand. His real-life healthy lifestyle speaks more than just commercial influence to the audience. 

From Local Champion to National Champion


A Roaring Success

The insight of Cleo encouraging smart generation is successfully built. The campaign became such a roaring success. "Saatnya Jadi Pintar" exists to encourage smarter lifestyle including choosing the right water to consume. The activities include a series of contest, trivia, and celebration. Tons of media coverage increased while people actively participated in Cleo’s interesting happenings. 

A Roaring Success

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