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LANEIGE is well-known as South Korean beauty brand that offers wide array of cosmetics and skin care products. As the popularity of Korean wave has gone through the roof, LANEIGE stands above the pack as a reputable brand that delivers quality products. We may find its image represented by the face Korean A-listers.

The South Korean beauty and cosmetics brand has taken over all skin care & makeup enthusiasts by the storm by its worldwide popularity. The K-Style beauty trend has captured the hearts of many people, including those who live in South East Asia.

LANEIGE belongs to Amore Pacific, a South-Korean corporation that brings a number of well-known skin care & cosmetics brand to worldwide customers.



Discovering Universal Design Language

In our collaboraton with the brand, we have captured LANEIGE spirit in a beautifully analogue experience that reflects its key visual elements. Each product line brings distinctive tones and styles that fully express not only the name but also the benefits that LANEIGE has to offer.


We looked at how to incorporate its DNA across offline and online assets. The opportunity presented seemed like a canvas onto which we can apply fitting designs to attract diverse audiences and also particular social groups. The key was to create a design that effectively communicates its purpose and also speaks true signature of LANEIGE.

Discovering Universal Design Language


A Sense of K-Beauty Comes into Life

The brand is known and loved by generations, yet it keeps on giving fresh new product lines to share with new customers every day. Today's skin care and cosmetics lovers can find LANEIGE as respectable brand because of its quality and brand image. The visual representation encompasses a set of marketing tools in both physical and digital graphic application as seen in posters, endcap display, electronic direct mailer, and many others.

A Sense of K-Beauty Comes into Life

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